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Kufuor Scholars’s Program, as an Initiative of the John A. Kufuor Foundation, engages in Activities that puts the Scholars in varied fields. These field work help them interact and/or work with leaders in their varied areas of expertise thus enabling them to practice what they have experienced or learned personally. There are also training opportunities under Activities scope.

Community Engagements

All KSP campus chapters are tasked with the organization and implementation of one major social intervention project.

K-Talk: The K-Talk Lecture Series is an initiative that brings resource persons from diverse disciplines and fields to cultivate a sense of transformational leadership and patriotism in students. This is a strategic undertaking by the Kufuor Scholars to expand the leadership training they receive to the youth who do not qualify to join the program or cannot have access to its activities.

Cell not Hell: Cell not Hell is a critical project of the Kufuor Scholars Program that seeks to implement projects and advocate for better living conditions for inmates in Ghana prisons.

Klean Ghana: This is an initiative that aims to change individuals’ mindset regarding poor sanitation habits.

Entrepreneurship and Public Speaking Seminars: This seminar is set to equip the youth with soft skills such as public speaking, entrepreneurship and employability skills. 

Community Interventions: The program leads its scholars and health practitioners to a rural community during the farmers’ day ceremony each year to provide health screening and volunteer services to teach and motivate public students. Mepe Bator and Ofoase-Ayirebi are two communities which have been visited in the past. 

Leadership Camps

Pivoted on the vision of the Chairman of the Foundation, selected Kufuor Scholars embark on a two-week camp in a rural community, where they learn leadership principles, ethics and skills. The choice of a rural setting is to experience and appreciate the living conditions of most Ghanaians living in deprived areas. This immersive experience kindles the spark for transformation and change within the scholars.

Additionally, a weekend-long camp is organized biannually and scholars usually join in-person whilst associates participate virtually. Key speakers are invited to share their knowledge and experiences to inspire the participants. They are also imbibed with entrepreneurial and soft skills for being competitive and successful in their professions.

Seminars / Webinars

The team visits major universities for a lecture series dubbed “What I wish I knew in level 100”. This serves to guide students, specifically freshers, on the skills they need to acquire and things they ought to do to ensure they excel academically and adequately prepare them for the world after school. Additionally, scholars and associates are taken through selected topics to reinforce learning and support the building of both soft and technical skills.

Internships and Lesson booths

Scholars are attached to  industries to intern for a period of time, and are monitored. Scholars, at the end of their internship period, are required to submit reports of their performance and of their  experiences during internship. Industry captains also write to the John A. Kufuor Foundation about the learning work culture of scholars during placement.

Lesson booths, which are lesson learning events, organized after international meetings, travels, and local internship sessions for all scholars to review various encounters and lessons learnt. They are also organized around important events such as during visits of sitting presidents of countries. The lesson booths are adhoc events in the program that help in coordinating issues that are likely to fall through the cracks.


Coaching and Mentoring

The personal leadership practice elements of the program focuses mainly on supporting the scholars to put into practice lessons learnt on the program. These practices result either to projects, assessments and reports, presentations, documentaries, innovative pieces put together by each scholar as a form of scholars’ contribution to the transformational leadership learning process.  These projects or initiatives are showcased during graduation or at a convenient time agreed by all. This component is a means of encouraging scholars to assume and demonstrate leadership practice apart from other avenues such as internships. Our scholars are also mentored by season giants in commerce, industry, and governance: giving  experience based teachings and the need for patriotism as a leader. Scholars are provided, individually,  at least one esteemed mentor based on their individual aspirations to guide them through their career or entrepreneurial journey.

International Leadership Programs

Each year, two scholars are selected to represent the scholars at the BXAI Summer Program, a component of the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP) to provide scholars with a unique opportunity to explore essential topics, build community, and develop 21st-century skills. Some scholars are also nominated to participate in peer and faculty learnings and conferences by the Josef Korbel School of  the University of Denver.