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The Kufuor Scholars Program (KSP)

Leadership is a critical element in a nation’s development, and every generation has a duty to secure the future by grooming its youth toward effective leadership roles. Successive generations of Ghanaian youth have been instrumental in the nation’s progress. As the country consolidates democratic governance and achieves the middle-income status, the readiness of the youth in assuming leadership roles will even be more crucial. However, a slack in youth leadership dynamism is increasingly evident, as their education is challenged by the rapidly changing local and global environment, which weakens the requisite values and orientation for effective leadership.

For Ghana’s resilience and progress, it is essential for the youth to build and sustain a strong sense of patriotism and positive nationalism, even as they become globalized. The capacity of the current generation of youth to transport the country into a future of stability, prosperity and sustained development in a globalized world is of prime concern. Indeed, the country’s survivability and viability in a competitive world will depend largely on the preparedness of the youth to lead and meet this challenge.

 Accordingly, a new crop of leaders able to withstand the emerging challenge and respond to the ever-increasing demands of our time is imperative; leaders with character, integrity and unalloyed loyalty to the nation. The emerging order calls for specialized orientation and character formation for the youth as well as upgrading their knowledge and skills so as to be pacesetters in their respective fields of endeavour.

In response to the leadership challenge in Ghana and Africa, the John A. Kufuor Foundation, inspired by the founder’s vision, has instituted the Kufuor Scholars’ Program to provide the required specialized preparation for the Ghanaian youth. The program targets young people in tertiary institutions, who have completed at least one year of studies. The general and primary aim is to add value to the formal education at the tertiary level by providing specialized orientation through programmed mentorship, skills and experiential activities and annual stipends. Selected candidates will stay in the program for at least three years.


Program Description

KSP is a three-year training program that offers selected candidates mentorship and coaching, stipend, and specialized seminars and experiential activities in defined areas such as:

  • Citizenship and Civic Responsibility
  • Interpersonal skills, Leadership skills, Leadership seminars & Camps
  • Problem-solving, Research & Innovation
  • Integrity & Accountability
  • Corruption and Accountable Governance
  • Nation Building
  • Ghana in a Globalized World
  • Public Administration in Ghana.
  • Project Planning and Management